UUFCC Social Justice Committee



The Social Justice Committee of UUFCC affirms the UUA’s commitment to the worth and dignity of all peoples and to uphold the human rights of every person.

It creates forums and responses principally but not exclusively to assist in the needs of local individuals and community organizations, and other causes promoting social justice.

In no particular order of importance, some of the activities of the SJC include:

  ● The Second Helping—a monthly solicitation of monetary support from the congregation for diverse causes, which have included Special Olympics, Homeless Schoolchildren, C.A.R.E., Immigration Agencies, Needy Families, Homeless Coalition, Harry Chapin Food Bank, Virginia B. Andes Free clinic, individuals in need within our congregation, and others

  ● Protests at local Wendy’s franchises in support of the Fair Food Program, which assists the Coalition of Immokalee Workers in securing decent wages and working conditions

  ● Organization of the Peace Initiative Speaker Series, an annual three-speaker series which offers timely information on a variety of topics

  ● Links with UU Justice Florida, as well as promotion of Social Justice issues at local and state level government

  ● Participation in marches such as Martin Luther King Day Parade and Unity in the Community

The SJC is an open committee, welcoming all members and friends to its meetings. It currently meets at noon on the second Sunday of each month, on the porch.