Ted Zawatowski mentioned this idea some two years ago or so (2014) and I put together a rough sketch a little over a year ago, but then I ended up with a medical problem and UUFCC was in flux over the possibility of moving, so it has been put aside for awhile. 

There is also the problem of building this proposed monument, or one something like it, that is tough enough to take the beating of Florida weather, and the handling and touching that is bound to take place.  A brass or bronze casting would be ideal, but is very expensive.  There is a resin casting system that has come to our attention and a sculpter who could do the work; more information on both are now being looked into.  The sculptered piece would be mounted on a pedestal with an explanatory and dedication plaque. 

The intention is to set this up at the edge of the Peach Garden with each arm of the piexe a different color and each arm different as to muscularity so both sexes are represented.

Wish us luck as we pursue this idea.  Ideas, recommendations, comments are welcome, see me, Tom Deuley or Ted.