It is always a good idea to check www.uufcc.org calendar to confirm the following dates.

++ The contact information for these people is listed in our directory.

Social Events

Let’s Eat!

Meatless Meal – Learning to eat vegetarian fare is about living our values. Held once a month; dates to be announced in the Updates; see Mary Jane Williams++.

Dine Around –Hosts provide the main dish for one meal and attend two others. T++hose who are unable to host may attend one meal. Events can be dinners, brunch, picnics, etc. Held during “season.” See MaryLou Proudfoot Kennedy++.

New to UU Breakfast –This is an opportunity to meet Rev Amy, and members and friends of UUFCC. It's a chance to ask questions and learn more about Unitarian Universalism and this Fellowship while enjoying good food and good company. Dates and times to be announced in the Updates and Newsletter; see Lynn Ritchie++.

Potlucks - 1st Sundays after services

Musical Opportunities

Cafe' Serendipity – (Open to the public) This is a monthly coffee house that features an open mic opportunity for musicians of all skill levels to experience public performing and to enjoy the talents of fellow participants.  Storytellers and aspiring comics are encouraged to contribute as well.  Café Serendipity: “A sweet, welcoming little venue where the jokes are often funny, the stories are true, mostly, and the music is always better than it sounds -- where anxious people can get up and do what they’ve always known they could do!” No cover charge. 2nd Fridays @7; see Steve Pollard++.

Choir – Thursdays at 6:15 and Sundays at 9:30 for practice during high season.  Performances are as scheduled; see Jim Boyle, Choir Director++.

Concert Series – Professional performers bring their musical gifts to UUFCC. Held during season; see media for information; see Jack Osborne++.

Gulf Coast Acoustic Guitar Society - (Open to the public) This group was formed in 2010 with the express aim to facilitate the study, performance, and exchange of knowledge in the exciting and growing genre of contemporary and classical "fingerstyle" guitar.  Flat-pickers, jazz, electric players, guitarist-songwriters, etc. are welcome to participate as well, with the explicit understanding that the main focus is as aforementioned. 1st Wednesdays @ 7; see Steve Pollard++.

Karaoke - Karaoke and sing-alongs. 2nd Fridays @ 5:30; see Peg Stunkard++.

Serendipity Revue!! Venue – (Open to the public) This concert venue showcases some of the most skilled and popular of our local folk musicians and composers who have graced the monthly stage at Cafe' Serendipity. All proceeds of the gratuities collected ($10 per person is suggested at the door) go to the performers and to charities approved by the UUFCC. Dates to be announced *; see Steve Pollard++.

Just for Fun

Auction / Crafts Fair and other special events as announced * - Throughout the year, UUFCC sponsors activities. See media for more information.

Men’s Group – Varied activities, such as bowling, a visit to a local brewery, games night, and a fund-raiser. These activities are open to women, and organized by the men. Dates to be announced; see George Clattenburg++.

Receptions for Exhibiting Artists - dates to be announced; Art Committee.

Expanding Our Knowledge and Understandings

Artists and Writers

Book Group - Our Book Club meets monthly to discuss a book selected by the members with reported excellent writing, themes that have contemporary significance, and being a pleasure to read.  The selection over several years has been highly diverse in type from biography, autobiography, classics, novels, documentaries, etc.  The group's leader usually facilitates the discussion, but the person who recommends a particular book sometimes does. Last Wednesday of each month @ 1:30 Mary Jane Williams++.

Caring for Our World – Climate & Social Justice

Green Sanctuary - Meets as needed; see Gudrun Matthaus++

Grounds Group - Meets non-rainy Thursdays @ 8 AM; see Dennis Shaw++, chair.

Immigration Justice Committee - Meets usually on Fridays @ 5 pm; see Betty Barriga++, chair.

Racial Justice Committee – 3rd Sunday @ noon; see Herb Levin++ (Social Justice Chair).

Sierra Club – 3rd Tuesday @ 7 pm (Open to the Public) See http://www.gchgroup.org/ for more information.

Social Justice Committee Meetings - 2nd Sunday @ noon; see Herb Levin++

Social Justice Field Trips - opportunities announced in “Updates”



Cakes for the Queen of Heaven – “This workshop series examines important elements of today’s women’s lives; personal, interpersonal, and societal.” (See http://www.cakesforthequeenofheaven.org/ for more information) First Wednesday of the month, 2:00–4:00, plus occasional trips; see Annie Ross-Shea or Cathy Shea++.

“Conversation Among Friends” - We are friends who care about one another and are interested in each person's perspective. A true conversation unfolds based on listening and building on the ideas already expressed. Sundays @ 9:00; see Ronna James++.

Spiritual Growth Opportunities

Chalice Circles – Chalice Circles encourage people in their spiritual growth and help them develop relationships of substance and depth. The primary subject matter of Chalice Circles is the members’ lives.  They meet on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays, 2-3:30 pm. See Joseph Fenty++.

Children’s Religious Education and Childcare - Sundays following the Chalice Lighting (see Jennifer Rose++)

Note:  Children in Religious Education classes attend services on the 1st Sunday of each month and Sundays when Charlotte County has a vacation during the school year. Childcare is available every week from 10-12.


“Healing Oasis” - Healing Touch Practitioners - 4th Wednesdays from 6:30-9:00 * (Except Nov. and Dec. when it falls on the 3rd Wednesdays); see Karen Yelk++.

Meditation - Drawing from the Buddhist tradition, we hold a discussion for the first 30 minutes, and then meditate for the last 25 minutes. Every Thursday from 5:15 – 6:15 pm; see Rev. Amy Kindred.

Mystical Experiences Group – If you've had what you consider a mystical experience; a prophetic dream, vision, ESP, near death experience, other spiritual experiences, then come join the group. It is a safe place to embrace the totality of who you are in the presence of others.  No nay-sayers allowed. 3rd Sundays @ noon; see Patrick Eaton++.

Support Groups

NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) Support Group – 2nd and 4th Tuesdays; 6 - 8 PM (Open to the Public) NAMI is a national organization for the support and education of the mentally ill as well as their families and friends. Contact Person: Karen Clark Pres., (941-505-8092 or KNTClark10@gmail.com)

* Indicates a modest donation or fee for participants


LEADERSHIP (meetings scheduled as needed unless specified)

Art on the Wall - Trudy Gerhardt++

Auction Committee - Kay Azar, chair++       

Board of Trustees - Monthly – dates TBA; Dennis Shaw++, President, Don Liermann++, Vice President, Joseph Fenty++, Secretary, Nancy Weaver++, Treasurer; Herb Levin ++, Gudrun Matthaus++, Jennifer Rose++, Marion Menna++, Alice Clattenberg++,  Members

Caring & Hospitality - 2nd Wed @10:00; Debbie Conrad++ and Trudy Gerhardt++, co-chairs

Children’s Religious Education – Jennifer Rose++

Communications – TBD, chair         

          Facilities – TBD                                                 

Finance – Ellen McGill++, chair                                                

Grounds Group - Dennis Shaw++, chair.  Meets non-rainy Thursdays @ 8 AM      

Membership – Lynn Ritchie++, chair

Newsletter - Virginia Abraham++, editor.  NOTE: deadlines are the 20th of each month

Patient Advocacy – Herb Levin++              

          Racial Justice – Myrna Charry++

Social Justice – Herb Levin++, chair - meets 2nd Sundays @ noon

Stewardship Committee – Dennis Shaw++, chair

          Worship Associates - Virginia Abraham++, chair


It is a good idea to check our WEB CALENDAR at www.uufcc.org  or call the office for email updates: 941-627-4303.  If you have an event that you wish to schedule, please fill out a space request form and return it to the office.