UU Endowment of Charlotte County

The Endowment has always been its own unique experience.

And here is why.

In 1991 Robert Hansman and Harold Rapp, two “non-members”, at the time, had  created an Endowment: “an autonomous organization with its own set of bylaws which assure that the value of investment in the fund is preserved in perpetuity”.

It would serve as a Memorial Fund to honor those who have passed on and to support those families of deceased members unable to provide a Celebration of Life service.  It is also a way to make a tribute to the living. It began with $500. contributed by Robert H., and he and his co-founder, Harold Rapp served as the two Trustees for almost fifteen years, when they were joined by Robert Taylor.

By 2003 the Endowment had grown to a Fund of $90,000. Gradually, at first, the Endowment increased - mostly from memorial gifts honoring departed UUs.  By late 2010 (almost 20 years from the founding) the Fund  totaled over $100,000.

This was the established threshold that enabled the Trustees to draw from its earnings, while preserving the main body of the fund, and thus, to provide meaningful support to the Fellowship and to Unitarian Universalism at large. It was a valuable resource at a time when the Fellowship was creating a Vision and Mission statement, and recognized that many of the founding members and large donors would be leaving us in the not too distant future.

Today, with a number of generous bequests, important, smaller contributions in memory of many, and significant gifts honoring the living (many from Robert Hansman and his wife, Carolyn Kvam  the past thirteen years), the fund’s assets have grown to over $455,000.

This impressive balance has occurred while using the earnings to support the operating budget of the fellowship annually,  to allow for extra efforts in the service of  the “growth initiative” of UUFCC the past six years, including a more attractive salary for a minister, to fund Memorial services for members when support is needed, to advertise for ANTCamp to involve young children and families, and to promote Unitarian Universalism beyond the Fellowship.

The Endowment currently, at a time of great need, due to the death of several large donors, is making a contribution to the 2018-19 UFFCC operating budget of $29,000. Meanwhile the Fellowship has an opportunity to set a new Vision and Mission and to seek ways to fund that vision from pledges of members. The Endowment Trustees are glad this is an option, using the earnings.

A change in UUE Trustees: with the recent death of Robert Hansman, the departure of MaryHolly to Arizona and the decision of Don Liermann to step away from the Endowment due to many responsibilities for the Fellowship,  three new Trustees have been appointed: Ken Brennen, Mary Howard & Jack Osborne

Stephanie Garrett and Delmar Wooden will continue to serve.

The new appointees will be voted upon at the UUFCC annual meeting in March, 2019.

The contribution to UUFCC would not be possible without the generous donations of so many like the following from July & August:

In memory of Robert Hansman
MaryHolly Allison & Ben Crosby, Joanne & Ernest Alphin, Sue Burgess, Ernest and Margo Cotton, Frances D. Hancher, Carolyn Kvam, and  Dave and Florence Martin

In Memory of Annie Shea Ross
Lorrie Douglas/Jackie Williamson.   June Stark

In Memory of Annie Shea Ross/Rev. George Brooks
Stephanie Garret


Annual Report of the UU Endowment of Charlotte County 2018

The UU Endowment of Charlotte County continues to thrive! This past year from January, 2017 through December, 2017 we have received $16,938. from members and friends, recognizing loved ones who are or were cherished members of the congregation.

In honor of:  Robert Hansman, Robert Taylor, Mary Wolff & Delight TePaske

And in Memoriam: Phyllis Foster, June Griffith Barrett/JayBach Wallin, Gayle Richens, Vincent Frighetti, Clarence Perry, Kurt Flachs, Gustavo Reynosa, Karen Bennett,   
For contributions greater than  $1,000., the following names qualify to be added to the Honor Board. We are however, in the process of modifying how that will be done, but want to recognize this  extreme generosity.
MaryHolly Allison/Ben Crosby, Laura Flachs, Robert Hansman, Mary Howard, Carolyn Kvam, Anne Rydlewicz, Elaine Wall,   Cassandra Wooden and Delmar Wooden.

In addition, we received gifts from the following:
Kenneth Brennen, Phil Brown, Sue Burgess,  Dorothy & Fred Bunting, Mary Burcham, George and Alice Clattenburg, Lorrie Douglas, Kurt & Laura Flachs, Stephanie Garrett, Amy Kindred, Cheryl Deuley, Joseph A. Meidt, Phyllis New, Maureen Peters, Pat Bonita Pryor, Lynn Ritchie, Dennis Shaw, June Stark, Peg Stunkard, Marilyn Reeve, Gayle Richens, Delight Tepaske, Mary Wolff, Nancy Vernon, Sonja Waters, Jackie Williamson, Frank and Marty Wilmer.

All donors will be invited to an Endowment Society event in April, 2018.

There was significant growth in our account in Boston earning $ 47,654. from June, 2017 through March, 2018.   As outlined in our purposes, the UUE  has used some of these earnings and continued to support the UU principles and the growth of Unitarian Universalist. Contributions include: UUFCC  Operating Budget 2017-2018 $ 13,000.

Installation of a New Minister: Rev Katie Romano Griffin  $1,000.

Support for Radio ad for ANT Camp $400.

Contribution to the UUA ( which was matched!!) $700.

Contribution to Chalice Lighters which supports growing UU congregations in Florida $300.

Memorial Services $700.

New Curriculum for racial justice work(and expenses): Beloved Conversations  $2,800.

Enhancement of the porch and increased use of  usable space by paying for cushions ( made by Laura Liermann- thank you ) $250.

There has been a future pledge to UUFCC Operating Budget 2018-19 of $25,000  & $ 4,500 for office support.

We hope that many in the congregation will consider leaving a bequest to the Endowment in their estate planar will.

If you have questions  regarding any aspect of The UU Endowment please contact one of us listed below.

With gratitude,

MaryHolly Allison, Robert Hansman , Stephanie Garrett, Don Liermann, Delmar Wooden, UU ENDOWMENT Trustees





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